Manufacturers are often seen as prime targets for Cyber criminals. Whether your business is involved within production or assembly, most modern manufacturers adopt a JIT business model. To enable the smooth transition between processes, computerised systems are utilised to manage expensive machinery. As a computerised device, these are open to manipulation and a Cyber incident can render plant machinery inoperable.

A glut of incidents within 2020 highlighted the risk to the global manufacturing, most commonly through either human error or because of a supply chain attack. Attackers, realising the bargaining leverage they receive with machines downed, have launched ransomware attacks within the sector. This has led to estimated 300% rise in attacks within manufacturing.
The impact of a Cyber attack on a manufacturing company is stark. This includes, production machinery failure, inability to meet contractual demands, customer and supplier confidence, cost of remediation or ransom and industry fines. All of which translate into a loss of revenue and earnings.

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