Strengthen your human firewall

Protect your organisation by instilling and maintaining a strong security aware culture.

The people problem

Cyber Criminals target individual staff to gain access to systems and data.

About half of UK businesses and a quarter of charities report having a Cyber breach or attack in the last 12 months. The nature of attacks varies but there has been a notable rise in businesses experiencing phishing attacks.

  • Monthly All Staff Security Awareness Training

  • CISO/ IT Director Online Training

  • Executive and Directors Video Training

Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulations for all staff Powered by Inspired eLearning (IeL)

Lockdown Cyber Security are delighted to partner with Inspired eLearning, a recognised global leader of Security Awareness solutions. Training which leads to positive and measurable business change cannot be delivered through a tick box exercise.

IeL’s proven methodology centres around delivering high quality and thought-provoking content, with an assessment at the end of each video to gauge competency, all of which is delivered through a friendly reporting suite and user interface dashboard, vital in providing demonstrable evidence of training for compliance purposes.

“Research has proven that this unique methodology of short engaging monthly videos, with assessments and interspersed with Phishing Simulations reduces organisational click rate of malicious links and content by 27%”

Videos are short and succinct, designed to be easily digested by the user. In total 12 videos are selected per user, per year, from a catalogue of security training, interspersed by simulated phishing attempts on the organisation, to help measure training effectiveness within a non-risk setting.

Despite millions of phishing emails sent to UK businesses last year, just 4% of UK Businesses employ phishing simulation training. IeL video content has won numerous awards within 2020, its high production values and engaging content contributing to receiving accolades by InfoSec Awards, Horizon Interactive, Communicator Awards, Omni and Hermes.

With over 15 years’ experience of providing business focused security training platforms, IeL work with some of the worlds biggest and best-known brands to develop their internal security culture and reduce their organisational risk.

Training Service Details

  • Fully hosted and accessible through the internet or mobile application (IOS and Android)
  • Staff reporting and assessments, Security Awareness Training, Phishing Simulations
  • Automated and Intelligent platform allows for ease of use and bespoke training plans
  • Final examination provided for regulatory compliance
  • Can be white labelled
  • Integration with existing LMS
  • Text and Voice translated in over forty languages

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