This course will demystify Cyber Security through the eyes of an Accountant and Business Leaders, equipping them with strategies to enhance Cyber resilience in their organisation.

Business leaders and practitioners of financial services now agree that ‘Cyber Security’ is the single biggest risk they face. Accountants’ duties include cataloguing this risk, appropriating necessary budget, ensuring compliance through controls, and tasked with the prevention and detection of finance based fraud.

As accountants we need to “wake up” to cyber risk. There is no magic cyber solution, and no guarantee of protection, so we are all at risk. We will demystify cybersecurity through the eyes of an accountant and explain what cyber risk actually means to financial professionals and the organisations they work in.

 This timely course will show you how to mitigate down the cost and risk of a Cyber incident, ensure data integrity within your accounting systems and how to reduce your Cyber expenditure whilst enhancing your organisations own resilience.

This practical training program brings together an overview and all the pieces of the Cyber jigsaw. Demonstrated using Cyber and fraud experts and real Cyber stories to provide the insight a business leader needs, to enhance Cyber resilience.
A course like no other, no code, no exam, little jargon and a safe space to get you Cyber ready.

Learning outcomes:

· What’s at stake and why it’s relevant to you
· Show you how to mitigate down the cost and risk of a Cyber incident
· Help to understand Cyber budgeting and how to build your cyber budget
· Reduce Cyber expenditure whilst enhancing Cyber resilience
· How to ensure data integrity within your financial systems

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