How Lockdown was born

We are the only cyber hub that uses a visionary methodology incorporating global experts and cyber insurance to improve cyber posture.

Demystifying the complexities of Cyber Security

The word ‘Lockdown’ has taken on additional meaning post COVID 19, as our nations implemented social distancing and quarantine strategies, to reduce the spread of the Corona virus. That was far from our thoughts, when Lockdown was created in 2019. However, the premise was the same, we wanted to suppress cyber threats on people and organizations. Back then, Lockdown conjured emotions of war, military strategies; digging into the trenches, fortify the position and reduce access, when under attack.

We recognised the value of data and the need to protect it. It was about protecting what you had, defending your position and limiting damage. And we thought it was the perfect analogy for a forward thinking Cyber Security company.

Data breaches have become common place, as the frequency of attacks increase year on year. This incremental rise has created global headlines as companies, poorly prepared to deal with incidents, have seen a fall out of negative PR, reputational damage, legislative fines and a significant loss of earning. Let alone any remediation costs.

The cost of remediation and redress is always more than cost of proactivity, but not all executives understand that. Lockdown wants to train and educate to raise cyber awareness and to minimize financial impact.

Karen Morrall, CEO

Karen has worked in numerous global Enterprise level and many SME businesses. An experienced Finance Director within the IT, service sector and M&A activity. Karen is very interested in digital transformation: AI, Robotics, IoT and 5G. She has held director roles in numerous technology businesses involving big data, cyber security and digital forensics.

She sees cyber security through a different lens, through the eyes of a Finance Director, not a cyber expert. She couldn’t find a cyber methodology that was right, so they created one endorsed by both Academia and Cyber experts. Her motto in life is: be kind, be fair and never give up. She was a member of the two percent club and wants to help the diversity agenda.

William Taaffe, COO

William is an experienced business development director and key account manager. Having held a variety of sales and management roles over the last 10 years, William has dedicated himself towards his passion of Cyber Security; a topic of interest since his early teens.

An accomplished presenter, William has spoken on behalf of major British retail banks, RBS, NatWest, the British Dental Association, the Builders Merchants Federation, and numerous professional bodies. In addition, William has been published and featured in Industry magazines, educating on the topic of Digital Risk.

Colin Mason, Non-Executive Director

Colin is an experienced digital transformation lead, specialising with Financial systems, Business Intelligence, outsourcing and advanced technological processes.

Over the last twenty years, Colin has worked in a global capacity as a Project Lead for some of the world’s biggest brands. These include, Komatsu, Sony, Shell, Unilever, BAE Systems, Burger King, Timberland, Bacardi, Siemens, Sage, Interserve, Microfocus and the Royal Mail. Colin has been a guest speaker for several highly respected trade shows and events, from broad topics ranging from Shared Service Centres to the implementation of robotics to aid in a organisations financial processes.