Is your Cyber Insurance good enough?

We are the only cyber hub that uses a visionary methodology incorporating global experts and cyber insurance to improve cyber posture.

Demystifying the complexities of Cyber Insurance

Lockdown understands that Cyber Insurance should be part of any Cyber Strategy, to help reduce the cost and impact of a Cyber Incident with some financial redress and professional expertise.

All too often, insurance policies can use ambiguous or unclear wording, lack full coverage and are unfit to cope with the large costs inherent from recovery from a Cyber breach or incident. That’s why Lockdown Cyber Security have partnered with well-established Insurance Brokers who help our clients obtain a Cyber Insurance policy that they understand and can rely on, in their time of need.

Through the Lockdown process organisation's we work with, will be better positioned to obtain wider and deeper Cyber Security coverage, bespoke to their business or organisation needs, and covering a number of different risk scenarios which they may face.

With increased cyber risk, the need for cyber insurance in the UK will become even more important. Organisation's don’t always understand the importance of cyber insurance as a separate standalone policy to reduce potential financial exposure. This problem is evidenced by the fact that many UK organisations currently still do not have cyber insurance in place.

Reducing our customer’s cyber risk

Lockdown has FCA approval to act as an Introducer Appointed Representative of Cyber Insurance, working with our Insurance broker partner to help organisation's obtain better Cyber Insurance cover (Wider protection with higher limits). Although paying the right price is an important factor for any organisation, it’s what is included in the Insurance police that’s more important, rather than any discount.

We aim to reduce some of our customers' pain in the process, making it easier and less of a burden. In collaboration with our Insurance broker partner,

we will help you, by removing layers of ambiguity by providing cyber experience and cyber posture insight. This is essential in ensuring what’s submitted is accurate and the policy granted maximised.

Further, using our security awareness training, CISO training and executive training we want to reduce the likelihood of an attack or incident, which is both good for the insurer risk and the business. Once an organisation has experienced an attack, it has showed vulnerability and the likelihood is that post-event cyber insurance renewals will be more difficult to obtain and definitely more expensive.

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