Few areas of Cyber crime are as reprehensible as extortion on Charities, yet 2020 has once again seen a rise in attacks, where 1 in 4 UK charities were attacked or breached by a Cyber-attack within the calendar year.


The education sector has been rocked by a series of Cyber attacks since the COVID-19 pandemic, as remote learning and the systems used to implement it have come under increased attacks and scrutiny.


We are aware that trust between an individual or corporate entity and their legal partner is key, and targeted attacks on the legal sector can lead to an erosion of this trust and customer churn through negative PR.


Companies in Manufacturing are often seen as prime targets for Cyber criminals. Whether your business is involved within production or assembly, most modern manufacturers adopt a JIT business model.


The retail sector has experienced several challenges since the COVID-19 pandemic began, with store closures, COVID tracking, social distancing, facial coverings, and regular cleaning to be able to remain operational.

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