Few areas of Cyber crime are as reprehensible as extortion on Charities, yet 2020 has once again seen a rise in attacks, where 1 in 4 UK charities were attacked or breached by a Cyber-attack within the calendar year. This number rises for high income charities with 1 in 2 reporting a cyber incident in the last annum.

The impact of a Cyber Attack on a charity can be devastating. The ramifications can be costly including donor and corporate loss of confidence, negative PR, remediation costs and increased insurance costings.

Over 80% of all Cyber crime is as the result of human interaction within the process, usually consisting of an unsuspecting user clicking a malicious link, through a compromised attachment or as the victim of social engineering. Lockdown Cyber Security believe the best way of reducing Charity Cybercrime is through effective training and simulations in combination with the right technology, security, and processes in place. Our All Staff Security Awareness eLearning solution has been proven to reduce the human click rate by 27%.

The criminals will not stop. And it’s about time that we stopped being charitable to Cyber Criminals.

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