Due to the crown jewels (sensitive, confidential, and high value data) legal practices hold, legal professionals present an attractive target for Cyber criminals (threat actors) and insider threats (fraud is now 90% Cyber enabled).
There has been a notable rise (600%) in Cyber incidents during the Covid Pandemic, with more cyber-attacks and increased frequency within the legal sector.

Solicitors routinely handle high value data, often within scope for personal data compliance but also having a high value within the personal affairs of individuals or business strategy and intellectual property. Criminals have sought to exfiltrate data from these organisations, with several high-profile cases globally, illustrating the need for stronger Information Security practices and training delivered to solicitors, educating them on the threats they face.

Lockdown Cyber Security understands the commercial value of this data and the need to safeguard it. We provide the following services, specifically tailored for the legal sector.

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